Updated News http://www.cmanet.org/news/detail/?article=dhcs-begins-retroactive-revaluing-of-two-cpt http://www.cmanet.org/news/detail/?article=dhcs-begins-retroactive-revaluing-of-two-cpt DHCS begins retroactive revaluing of two CPT codes As previously reported, the California Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) began the retroactive rate correction for CPT codes 17110 and 17111 on April 12, 2018. Payment corrections for services 0001-01-01 00:00 +00:00 0001-01-01 00:00 -08:00 http://www.cmanet.org/news/detail/?article=medicare-advantage-plans-to-see-34-payment http://www.cmanet.org/news/detail/?article=medicare-advantage-plans-to-see-34-payment Medicare Advantage plans to see 3.4% payment increase in 2019 The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) recently finalized a rule increasing baseline Medicare Advantage payment rates 2019 by an average of 3.4 percent. That is nearly double 0001-01-01 00:00 +00:00 0001-01-01 00:00 -08:00 http://www.cmanet.org/news/detail/?article=survey-how-would-the-ab-3087-rate-setting http://www.cmanet.org/news/detail/?article=survey-how-would-the-ab-3087-rate-setting Survey: How would the AB 3087 price fixing proposal affect your practice? Assemblymember Ash Kalra (D-San Jose) last week announced a radical physician rate setting proposal (AB 3087) that would increase patient out-of-pocket costs, create state-sanctioned rationing of health 0001-01-01 00:00 +00:00 0001-01-01 00:00 -08:00 http://www.cmanet.org/news/detail/?article=molina-medical-group-is-now-golden-shore http://www.cmanet.org/news/detail/?article=molina-medical-group-is-now-golden-shore Molina Medical Group is now Golden Shore Medical Group On January 1, 2018, Molina Medical Group changed its name to Golden Shore Medical Group. Additionally, Golden Shore has hired Network Medical Management (NMM) as its new medical service organization. NMM 0001-01-01 00:00 +00:00 0001-01-01 00:00 -08:00 http://www.cmanet.org/news/detail/?article=california-ag-intervenes-in-lawsuit-to http://www.cmanet.org/news/detail/?article=california-ag-intervenes-in-lawsuit-to California AG intervenes in lawsuit to dismantle ACA California Attorney General Xavier Becerra, joined by 16 attorneys general, last week filed a motion to intervene in a lawsuit that seeks to dismantle the Affordable Care Act (ACA). The lawsuit, 0001-01-01 00:00 +00:00 0001-01-01 00:00 -08:00 http://www.cmanet.org/news/detail/?article=fresno-plastic-surgeon-receives-lifetime http://www.cmanet.org/news/detail/?article=fresno-plastic-surgeon-receives-lifetime CMA Doc: Kent Yamaguchi, M.D. "I hope when I grow up I can be whoever theyre talking about. Im most grateful for this award. I certainly didnt expect it." 0001-01-01 00:00 +00:00 0001-01-01 00:00 -08:00 http://www.cmanet.org/news/detail/?article=take-action-now-to-stop-radical-physician-rate http://www.cmanet.org/news/detail/?article=take-action-now-to-stop-radical-physician-rate Take action NOW to stop radical physician rate regulation bill Assemblymember Ash Kalra (D-San Jose) last week announced a radical proposal that would increase patient out-of-pocket costs and result in a dangerous government intrusion into the health care marke 0001-01-01 00:00 +00:00 0001-01-01 00:00 -08:00 http://www.cmanet.org/news/detail/?article=saturday-april-28-is-national-prescription http://www.cmanet.org/news/detail/?article=saturday-april-28-is-national-prescription Saturday, April 28, is National Prescription Drug Take Back Day Saturday, April 28, 2018, is National Prescription Drug Take Back Day. On this day, hundreds of locations throughout California will be accepting and properly disposing of unused prescription drugs, including 0001-01-01 00:00 +00:00 0001-01-01 00:00 -08:00 http://www.cmanet.org/news/detail/?article=commission-studying-continuing-board http://www.cmanet.org/news/detail/?article=commission-studying-continuing-board Commission studying continuing board certification is seeking physician input A new commission has been formed—Continuing Board Certification: Vision for the Future—to bring together multiple stakeholders to re-envision the future of continuing board certification. The 0001-01-01 00:00 +00:00 0001-01-01 00:00 -08:00 http://www.cmanet.org/news/detail/?article=california-to-begin-receiving-new-medicare http://www.cmanet.org/news/detail/?article=california-to-begin-receiving-new-medicare California to begin receiving new Medicare cards in May The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) began mailing new identification cards to Medicare beneficiaries this month, as required under the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015 0001-01-01 00:00 +00:00 0001-01-01 00:00 -08:00 http://www.cmanet.org/news/detail/?article=doj-certifies-cures-physicians-must-check http://www.cmanet.org/news/detail/?article=doj-certifies-cures-physicians-must-check DOJ certifies CURES: Physicians must check database prior to prescribing effective October 2, 2018 The California Department of Justice (DOJ) has certified that as of April 2, 2018, the Controlled Substance Utilization Review and Evaluation System (CURES) – California’s prescription drug monitoring 0001-01-01 00:00 +00:00 0001-01-01 00:00 -08:00 http://www.cmanet.org/news/detail/?article=cma-survey-finds-rampant-health-plan-payment http://www.cmanet.org/news/detail/?article=cma-survey-finds-rampant-health-plan-payment CMA survey finds rampant health plan payment abuses Despite a California law passed in 2000 to address widespread payment abuses by health care service plans, many payors continue to flout the law. A recent survey by CMA 0001-01-01 00:00 +00:00 0001-01-01 00:00 -08:00 http://www.cmanet.org/news/detail/?article=us-supreme-court-hears-arguments-in-challenge http://www.cmanet.org/news/detail/?article=us-supreme-court-hears-arguments-in-challenge U.S. Supreme Court hears arguments in challenge to Californias Reproductive FACT Act A California law that requires specified facilities providing pregnancy-related services and counseling to disclose information about the availability of comprehensive reproductive health care services is currently being challenged before the United States Supreme Court. 0001-01-01 00:00 +00:00 0001-01-01 00:00 -08:00 http://www.cmanet.org/news/detail/?article=cma-comments-on-proposed-protections-for http://www.cmanet.org/news/detail/?article=cma-comments-on-proposed-protections-for CMA comments on proposed protections for conscience rights and religious freedom In January, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) released a proposed rule that would expand protections for physicians and other health care providers who object to performing certain 0001-01-01 00:00 +00:00 0001-01-01 00:00 -08:00 http://www.cmanet.org/news/detail/?article=payors-report-system-changes-to-comply-with-ab http://www.cmanet.org/news/detail/?article=payors-report-system-changes-to-comply-with-ab Payors report system changes to comply with AB 72 When California's new out-of-network billing and payment law (AB 72) took effect on July 1, 2017, CMA began receiving calls from physician offices concerned that 0001-01-01 00:00 +00:00 0001-01-01 00:00 -08:00