OCMA Member Spotlight

Shariar (Bobby) Davari, M.D.

Dr. Bobby Davari is family physician and teaching faculty at Kaiser Permanente Orange County.  He also chairs the Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee for Orange County KP.  He is a graduate of the UC Davis School of Medicine and completed a fellowship in Faculty Development at UC San Francisco. He grew up in Northern California where is developed a love for the mountains and ocean through surfing and snowboarding.  He has always been passionate about helping his patients develop healthy lifestyles to prevent disease.  He believes medications are the last resort in the treatment for the most common chronic disease and always urges his patients to begin with small improvements to their lifestyle such as short walks, improved sleep (at least 7 hours per night), and reducing and eventually stopping alcohol and drug use. 

Dr. Davari teamed up with the regional addiction medicine Chief of KP Dr. Stephanie Shaner to change the paradigm for alcohol use disorder (AUD) treatment at Kaiser Permanente Southern California by successfully lobbying for the removal of restrictions on medications used to treat alcoholism so that all specialties can begin treatment.  He was recently interviewed on this topic on the popular Podcast  “The House of Pod” as well as a local TV program Laguna Woods TV.  He continues to work on improvements to the KP health system to improve recognition of alcohol use disorders and to reduce barriers to treatment. 

Always eager to improve quality care Dr. Davari helped to lead the effort to integrate Artificial Intelligence into daily practice.  In conjunction with the regional leader of KP innovations Dr. Tad Funahashi, he helped to begin Kaiser’s development of “THRIVE AI”.  The goal of THRIVE AI is to help doctors quickly and effectively review complex data so they can spend more time with patients face to face. 

Dr. Davari has also been Interviewed as a KP representative “THRIVE Ambassador”  for a national Blog 2/2019; https://www.honestlydad.com/how-to-take-proactive-steps-towards-leading-a-healthy-lifestyle/ as well as LA Fitness as a KP representative “THRIVE Ambassador” for their national Healthy Living podast on the basics of health and fitness : The Basics of Health, Fitness, and Nutrition  and “The Importance of Sleep” 

He has also worked with the chiefs of Dermatology (Dr. Marit Kriedel) to develop an interactive dermatology algorithm to help doctors improved their diagnosis and treatment of common skin disorders. In addition, Dr. Davari has worked to develop numerous workflows and algorithms to improve standard of care throughout southern California KP specifically around clot management, obesity and gout treatment, as well as contraceptive management. 


Stephanie Lu, M.D.

Dr. Stephanie Lu is a practicing ophthalmologist specialized in the treatment and management of complicated retinal diseases with a strong interest in diabetic retinopathy and macular degeneration. She is the associate professor of health science and the associate ophthalmology residency program director at Gavin Herbert Eye Institute, University of California, Irvine.   She is also the current chief of ophthalmology at Long Beach VA hospital.  Her clinical practice is divided between patient care and teaching.  

Dr. Lu grew up in Southern California and completed her undergraduate degree in Biochemistry at the University of California, Los Angeles.  After that, she obtained her MD degree from UC San Diego School of Medicine.  She then went on to complete her residency training in the Department of Ophthalmology at Gavin Herbert Eye Institute, UC Irvine.  After completing her residency, she began fellowship training in vitreo-retinal surgery in the Department of Ophthalmology at UC Irvine, under the tutelage of Baruch Kuppermann, MD, PhD.  

Dr. Lu participates in numerous research projects and clinical trials at Gavin Herbert Eye Institute. She is actively conducting research related to the age-related macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy.  She has been selected as an “Orange County Physician of Excellence” every year since 2015.

Dr Lu has a strong commitment to the community and teaching.  She is actively working with the resident physicians as a mentor on numerous qualify improvement projects to promote patient safety and clinical quality.  She is the current diversity officer for her department to promote diversity in our workforce, in collaboration with the university faculty members and the community.  Dr. Lu is actively involved with Serve the People free clinic in Santa Ana providing free retina care to the indigent population on the weekends.  She is also a regular volunteer at the illumination foundation to provide vision screening service.





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