2013 Physician of the Year Nominations

Now Accepting Nominations: 2013 OCMA Physician of the Year

DEADLINE: February 22, 2013

The Orange County Medical Association is now accepting nominations for the 2013 OCMA Physician of the Year. This award, which was established in 1983, recognizes a physician who, throughout his/her career, has exemplified what it means to be an accomplished physician. All OCMA members are encouraged to participate by nominating a fellow physician for his/her hard work and dedication, exceptional professional competence, and good rapport with patients. The award also acknowledges the physician for being a motivator, educator and community leader. If you would like to nominate a fellow physician colleague, please send your recommendation letter including:

  • Name and title of nominee 
  • Description of the nominee's accomplishments and contributions. Supporting documents such as a CV, newspaper clippings, etc. are encouraged 
  • Name, title and signature of nominator
Nominees are not required to be OCMA members.

The winner will be announced at the OCMA General Membership Dinner in May, details to come.

Nomination submission:

Attention Holly Appelbaum 2013 OCMA Physician of the Year
Orange County Medical Association
17322 Murphy Avenue, Irvine, CA 92614
(949) 398-8100 ext 106
Fax: (949) 398-8120
Email: happelbaum@ocma.org
DEADLINE: February 22, 2013

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