2016 Election Results are In


California Medical Associaiton: 2016 Election Results

ELECTION Night 2016:
One for the history books!

Once again, the California Medical Association took on tough fights and prevailed.

We won all of our statewide ballot measure endorsements, including three local initiatives in the Bay area.


MACRA before and after


Together, we voted to…


· Invest in Medi-Cal. (Yes on Prop. 56, 55 and 52)

· Save lives, reduce smoking rates and prevent thousands of children from starting in the first place. (Yes on Prop. 56)

· Triple the funding for California's anti-smoking programs. (Yes on Prop. 56)

· Provide more essential services like medical check-ups, immunizations, prescriptions and dental/vision care for 13 million low-income Californians, including seven million children. (Yes on Prop. 52)

· Prevent an increase in state prescription drug costs, as well as preserve patient access to medications. (No on Prop. 61)

· Protect public health and clarify the role of physicians in controlling and regulating the adult use of cannabis. (Yes on Prop. 64)

· Reduce sugar intake to prevent diabetes and obesity. (Yes on Measures V (San Francisco), HH (Oakland) and O1 (Albany))

· Break down barriers and removed outdated bilingual education mandates to better reflect California's diverse society. (Yes on Prop. 58)

· Ensure critical infrastructure projects – including hospitals and medical facilities – aren't subject to delays or loss of local control. (No on Prop. 53)

· Strengthen California's ability to prevent gun violence. (Yes on Prop. 63)


Voters made health care a priority



In the coming months, we'll work to ensure the new revenue reaches the communities most in need of access to health care and improved services.

Voters sent a clear signal that they are willing to support investments in public health andthat they are tired of Sacramento chronically underfunding health care. CMA's alignment with voters further demonstrates our strength and ability to fight for physicians throughout the state and in all modes of practice.

And on the national front – there are more questions than answers, but one thing is clear: we could be facing a major shake-up.

How will the next Congress and Trump's administration handle the Affordable Care Act? Rising drug prices? Health and Human Services secretary? Medicaid expansion? Mega-mergers?

Regardless of what comes next, CMA will continue to keep California's physicians in the driver's seat on health care policy. And we're working ahead to 2018 to ensure the next Governor reflects our values, including the protection of MICRA and investments in public health.

I want to thank each of you for your support and dedication to CMA. Your membership drives this organization to excellence. Together, we stand stronger.

Dustin Corcoran

By the Numbers

$3 billion
per year in new federal matching funds for Medi-Cal to serve elderly and low-income Californians. (Yes on Prop. 52)

Up to
$2 billion
per year to improve access to health care services, including Medi-Cal, for low-income children and their families. (Yes on Prop. 55)

Up to
$1.7 billion
(plus $1 billion in federal matching funds) for Medi-Cal. (Yes on Prop. 56)

$1.5 billion
in costs for children's health coverage by FY2019-20. (Yes on Prop. 52)

$350 million
per year in support to state and local public hospitals. (Yes on Prop. 52)

$20 million
per year for public schools to enhance smoking cessation programs. (Yes on Prop. 56)

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