Case of the Month: Jury Awarded $19.7 Million in a Pennsylvania Medical Malpractice Suit Despite Patient Negligence

Diagnostic delays are not generally caused by one individual factor, but by multiple system factors that can impact clinical decision-making. A recent "Case of the Month," published by the Cooperative of American Physicians (CAP), cautions that despite patients' lack of follow through, physicians can still be held accountable for diagnostic delays:

In 2012, a patient presented to her primary care physician (PCP) with complaints of mid-back pain and tingling in her ribcage that lasted six days. The PCP informed the patient to monitor her back symptoms and to notify him if her symptoms worsened or failed to improve. In March 2014, the patient saw her PCP with complaints of fatigue and back pain that occasionally woke her up. At the beginning of 2016, the patient reported tingling and sensory changes in her right foot and the PCP referred the patient to a podiatrist. However, despite the referral, the patient did not see the podiatrist until seven months later. 

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