Even with the Best Preparation, Errors Will Happen

The Cooperative of American Physicians, Inc. (CAP) is pleased to share the following featured “Case of the Month” article encapsulating the back story and outcome of an actual medical liability claim. 

When this column addresses adverse events, we frequently try to identify some action or inaction that, if addressed differently, might have led to a better outcome. Though thankfully rare, errors nevertheless can occur even with a spotless work-up. 

A 53-year-old patient first visited Dr. GS, a general surgeon, complaining of a lump in her right breast. An ultrasound from two months earlier showed a lesion at 10 o’clock, and upon examination, Dr. GS noted a small but definite non-mobile mass. Dr. GS recommended an excision and several months later, he performed a right breast lumpectomy. Read More.

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