Highlights from the OCMA Board of Directors meeting on November 10, 2016

By:  Darla S. Holland, M.D., President, OCMA

The OCMA Board of Directors met on Thursday, November 10.   The following highlights the major discussions and actions that took place at that meeting: 

The Resident Representative, Dr. Duy Nguyen, indicated that the Resident Physicians in Orange County are interested in Physician Wellness Programs geared toward physicians in training.  A resolution addressing burnout in Medical Students was discussed at the CMA Board of Trustees meeting in October.    The Board is very supportive of sponsoring and supporting such activities for the Medical Students and Residents in programs in Orange County.   
There was vigorous discussion about the CMA's role in the passage of Senate Bill 72.   Many hospital based physicians are affected by this legislation, slated to take effect on January 1, 2017.   A recommendation was made to have the Legislative Leadership Committee recommend language to be submitted through the Resolution process to the House of Delegates year round process.     
The Building Committee made a presentation recommending that OCMA purchase a building as leasing continues to deplete our reserves.   The principles guiding the building search involve the following priorities: 1) To have a location convenient for most members to access; 2) To invest in a manner that generates revenue for both operating expenses and special projects that and will grow to at least keep pace with inflation so that the value of the principle does not diminish over time; 3) To allow OCMA staff to function most of their time on activities that support the core mission of the organization.    These principles will be incorporated into the building search.   
The Physicians of Excellence Reception will be on January 25, 2017.

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