Introducing: WorldPay

Irvine, Calif. - The Orange County Medical Association is pleased to announce another benefit of membership. The OCMA has designated financial processing partner WorldPay as its Business Partner for physicians seeking credit card processing solutions, check verification services, Cash Advance services and other processing technologies for the medical field.

OCMA members may receive complimentary consultations and discounted rates on a wide range of processing needs, including stand-alone terminals, integrating into current POS/Software systems, check verification services, wireless methods of payment, cash advance products and the latest in HIPAA and PCI Security. They process all card types such as VISA, MasterCard, Discover, AMEX, and JCB.

"Our Medical Professional Plan is designed to specifically help busy physicians protect their professional practices against fraud," said Andy Varble, Regional Sales Manager at WorldPay. "We offer quality credit card processing at an attractive rate while keeping each doctor PCI-DSS compliant which in turn keeps them HIPAA compliant. We look forward to offering our many services through this special arrangement to the OCMA membership."

The following services are included within WorldPay's healthcare practice: current credit card processing reviews at no cost, fraud protection reviews, PCI-DSS training to keep each doctor HIPAA compliant. WorldPay can offer integration with many of the physician-specific POS systems and software that is available on the market today along with check verification services and cash advance programs.

Carla Mullet, who has 19 years industry experience, has been chosen as the point of contact for the relationship between the OCMA and WorldPay. With her tenure she is experienced in every facet of credit card processing and the fraud prevention features that are unique to WorldPay. She uses a consultative approach with each doctor to ensure she understands completely their business model, current needs, and also keeps in mind the future growth strategies for each office with which she consults. Located in the heart of Orange County, Carla Mullet is local to meet face-to-face with each doctor and staff to ensure she is providing the best service, technology and pricing to their practice.

The strategic business partnership with WorldPay reinforces OCMA's commitment to bring added value to its members by aligning with companies that offer business practice expertise, state-of-the-art technology at a competitive price point, and allowing physicians to focus their attention on what matters most, patient care. 

For assistance please contact Carla Mullet at 714-878-2031 or Carla.mullet@worldpay.us 

Or contact Andy Varble at 714-380-1491 or andy.varble@worldpay.us 

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