Physician Killed by Patient at Hoag Health Center

A recent shooting at Hoag Health Center in Newport Beach has resulted in the death of Ronald Franklin Gilbert, MD. A troubled patient shot the physician in an exam room, however it has not been confirmed if the patient was under the care of Dr. Gilbert. In response to the terrible event, Orange County Medical Association (OCMA) President Standiford Helm II, MD, issued the following statement:

"It is with deep remorse that my colleagues at OCMA and I recognize the tragic incidence that occurred on Monday, January 28 at the Hoag Health Center in Newport Beach. We extend our sincerest condolences and sympathies to the family members, friends, patients and colleagues of Dr. Gilbert.

"This devastating occurrence has shocked and confused many of us and although we will never fully understand the chain of events, we can only hope for better awareness and preparation to avoid such circumstance in the future.

"Physician groups in California, including the California Medical Association (CMA) and OCMA, have a long history of carefully evaluating issues related to gun control and safety, and have thoroughly debated policy for decades. We believe that open communication and education about firearm safety should be available for physicians and their patients, and that public health officials and physicians work together on these tough issues.

"In light of recent events, OCMA is taking a proactive approach and has partnered with ARIXMAR, a firm that is owned and operated by former FBI Special Agents, to provide Orange County physicians with a seminar series on "Work Place Violence Prevention & Response."

"Dr. Gilbert will be greatly missed by his loved ones, his friends, his many patients and the entire Orange County medical community."

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