PPE Relief

CMA distributes two-month supply of free PPE to more than 40k California physicians

By Jacob Greenstein

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, lack of personal protective equipment (PPE) has compounded the hardships for medical practices and hindered their ability to provide care for Californians. To alleviate the strain on practices and improve patient access to care, the California Medical Association (CMA) mobilized with its local county medical societies, the state of California and Altais to bring more than 40 million pieces of PPE—including medical-grade masks, gloves and gowns—to physicians free of charge, so that they can safely provide care for California residents. 

From the beginning, the need was urgent, and the demand was clear. CMA jumped into action, reaching out to California’s Office of Emergency Services to see what it would take to quickly get PPE into the hands of physicians. The result was an unprecedented project—in both scale and complexity—requiring an exceptional level of logistical planning, execution and collaboration between CMA, local county medical societies and several logistical partners.

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