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Practice Management Tip of the Month - May 2016

Plan ahead to reduce scheduling disruptions and long patient wait times!
It’s rare that an appointment schedule in a medical office survives a day without any changes. No-shows, cancellations and last-minute emergencies will always crop up and cause shifts and changes. But these changes don’t have to disrupt the flow of the office. Effectively managing the appointment schedule can have a positive impact on both patient and practice satisfaction.

For more information on scheduling strategies visit www.cmanet.org/practice-check-up

Through its robust webinar series, CMA gives you the opportunity to watch live presentations on important topics from the comfort of your home or office. Webinars are free to members and their staff and provide timely information to help you run a successful medical practice.
Check out the current webinar schedule at  www.cmanet.org/webinars.

CMA’s Center for Economic Services is staffed by a team of practice management experts with a combined experience of over 125 years in medical practice operations. Our goal is to empower physician practices by providing resources and guidance to improve the success of your practice.
Access to our reimbursement experts is a FREE, members-only benefit. 
Call (800) 786-4262 or email economicservices@cmanet.org.

Meet Mark Lane, CMA Physician Advocate
Mark is Associate Director in CMA’s Center for Economic Services. For more than a decade and a half before joining the CMA team in 2010, Mark began his career as a claims processor for plans such as Blue Shield and Health Net.

Before long, he had moved up to a position in provider relations, giving him a unique vantage point on the relationship between physicians and payors.

Ensure your practice information is up-to-date with contracted payors

Physician Advocate Tip of the Month 

  • Reason #1 Up-to-date practice information such as specialty, address, tax identification number (TIN), practice name, and complete list of physicians in the practice (along with their national provider identification (NPI) numbers) ensures that payments and other vital contractual notices are received by the practice.
  • Reason #2 Providing updated, accurate practice information to payors ensures that your information is displayed correctly to patients looking for a physician through payors' provider directories. It also helps reduce the potential for delayed or denied payments for the practice.
  • Reason #3 It will likely keep your practice compliant with your contracts. Most payors have language in their contracts that requires physicians to notify the payor in writing of any changes in their practice. 

Be sure to download the free member resource "Updating Provider Demographic Information with Payors," at: www.cmanet.org/ces

Mitzi Young
OCMA Physician Advocate, CMA Center for Economic Services
(888) 236-0267


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