Legislative Advocacy

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Legislative Session

To access CMA's most current Legislative Hot List, click here. 

Click here for the 2017 CMA Legislative Wrap-up, which is a summary report of health care bills completed in the last state legislative cycle.

OCMA Legislative Committee

Purpose of OCMA's Legislative Committee:

  • To cooperate with the CMA Council on Legislation in all matters pertaining to legislation and advise OCMA membership of proper action to be taken regarding ordinances affecting public health or the medical profession.
  • To continuously monitor and remain proactive in legislative and political issues in Orange County in news media, OCMA policy and MICRA.
  • To interview local politicians and political candidates to ascertain their positions on key medical issues and provide input and recommendations to CALPAC based upon these interviews.
  • To function as the physician advisory body to Orange County legislators and aspiring candidates.
  • To assist the OCMA President and/or CEO in speaking to media outlets regarding legislative and political issues.

If you would like to become a member of our Legislative Committee, contact Linda Johansen at (949) 398-8100 ext. 102 or ljohansen@ocma.org.